Launch this newest bicycle attraction from to the Kikmolen

new total experience on the mechelse heide

Since 2021, the Mechelse Heide has had a top cycling attraction. This brand new bike path leads you right through the vast forests and heaths of the 5700-hectare Hoge Kempen National Park. It provides a unique experience in the Hoge Kempen National Park.

A unique nearly 300-meter wooden panorama bridge offers visitors a new landscape experience. At the top of the bike bridge, you will have a wide view of the Hoge Kempen Nature Park. In the distance, horses graze and many animal species have their natural habitat. From the “bicycle jetty,” cyclists experience a unique experience of that extraordinary piece of nature.

Like a seaside pier, the elongated structure of the bicycle bridge forms a beacon in the landscape. The iconic wooden bridge will be no less than 294 meters long and will become a landmark for the wider area. For the construction, a conscious decision was made to work with sustainable types of wood.

In Maasmechelen, the Weg naar Heiwick was previously transformed into a new bike path. By combining it with Cycling through the Heath, an exceptional cycling route has now been created centrally in the Hoge Kempen National Park. It is obviously part of the bicycle route network and connects node between 551 and 550. The new route runs through the Mechelse Heide, with 700 hectares one of the largest heathlands in Flanders.

This new gem is located near Kikmolen campground. Park your car in the campground parking lot and get to the new bike path in a few minutes by bike. More information? Please take a moment to contact us.